Taia Hartman, Graphic Designer

I am a graphic designer from the Chicago area with a Bachelor of Arts from Bradley University where I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2010. Instructors there taught me that a designer's job is to identify a client's problem and then present multiple well-realized solutions. Final pieces were not nearly as important as the original concept - if the idea was faulty, there was no way the end piece would be worthwhile.

I worked at a local print shop - Signal Graphics - for nearly two years, learning how the designs created on screen translate to printed material and how to compensate for those pieces which were not actually print-ready. At this job I also gained a thorough understanding and knowledge of different papers. I am currently employed at Neil Enterprises where I create and alter designs for custom promotional items for colleges and universities.

This online portfolio showcases my work ranging from pen drawings in school all the way up to professionally printed pieces from work. A PDF sample portfolio is available upon request.

Right: Text Self-Portrait,Adobe Illustrator, 2006

Text Self-Portrait